Virgin Sheep’s Wool –
the Natural All-Rounder

Whether for box spring headpieces or nonwoven materials for BICO mattresses – Baur Vliesstoffe are called on wherever special elasticity, high stability and climatic comfort are required. The raw material is supplied by hundreds of healthy sheep from the Swiss mountains.

BICO Magazin Baur Vliesstoffe

For Baur Vliesstoffe, wool, as a natural and renewable raw material, is far more than a millennia-old natural fibre. It is the basic material for the groundbreaking idea of producing a wide range of breathable nonwovens from fibres of natural origin, which can then be further processed in almost unlimited variety. This is because wool has outstanding properties such as the regulation of temperature and humidity or the neutralization of odours. All high-quality wool fibres from Baur Vliesstoffe sourced for BICO products are produced under the swisswool label.

Only selected fibres make it to BICO

BICO is proud of its production partner, with whom the company has a long-term and trusting relationship. There are not many companies in the world that can process the raw material in this way.

The Baur nonwovens, which BICO processes for the box spring bed headpieces and the mattress nonwoven fillings, are produced in an environmentally friendly and resource-saving way. Such high-quality nonwovens require very special wool fibres which have a certain length, fineness and crimp.

swisswool: A raw material from the region

About ten years ago, farmers could hardly earn money with their sheep’s wool and in some cases even had to burn the wool. Friedrich Baur heard about this and, together with a number of Swiss farmers, launched the swisswool initiative. The goal was to
market the raw material under a common label. Sustainable value creation is our top priority. Once the sheep have been sheared, the wool is transported by short transport routes to one of the 20 collection points, with collections taking place twice a year throughout Switzerland. There the valuable goods are weighed and paid directly to the farmers. Regional partners then process the wool into high-quality products.

Why sheep’s wool?

  • Sheep’s wool is high-tech, “made by nature”.
  • Wool fibre is an annually renewable protein fibre.
  • Sheep’s wool regulates the variable humidity in every room.
  • Sheep’s wool binds odours and neutralises them to a large extent.
  • Sheep’s wool is not allergenic or hazardous to health.