Design «Für ä tüüfä gsundä Schlaaf. »

“Design the new box spring bed collection for BICO.” With this remit, the industrial designer Björn Ischi set about creating a unique Swiss item.

BICO Bjorn Ischi Magazinbild
BICO Magazin Bjorn Ischi 2

Industrial designers are not over-excited artistic souls but creative pragmatists. And this is also how Björn Ischi – who has earned his stripes as a structural draughtsman, site manager and graduate of the School of Design – carries out the project. After producing the first hand-designed sketches and refining them together with BICO, Ischi produces his “Barbie beds”,
as he calls the true-to-scale models. Even in this early phase, he brings the hand-picked Swiss component partners to BICO’s table. Together they optimise the aesthetics, the fascination with the material and the functionality.

Consistently researching the customer benefits

Right from the start, the box spring bed is tailored for customer added value. Which materials provide a sense of well-being? What makes assembly easier? What makes the box spring bed typically Swiss? What about sustainability? BICO, Ischi and the project partners find the right answers to these questions. You want to get a “Wow! Somebody’s thinking about something!” out of the customers. The BICO box spring bed should be immediately recognizable next to various other brands and should be rated by the viewer as particularly valuable and successful.

Great enthusiasm for the small details

The multiple award winner shows how much passion he put into the eight months that passed from the first draft to the first delivery of the BICO box spring bed. As is so often the case, it is the details that are particularly pleasing. For Ischi, these include the Swiss virgin sheep’s wool pressed onto the headboard and the BICO logo on a Swiss slate board. “For me, BICO’s box spring bed, perfected in the sleep laboratory, is also aesthetically pleasing – Swiss simplicity without kitsch, but with the finest materials, in keeping with Swiss tradition. BICO customers will feel secure in their box spring bed,” affirms Ischi.