Box spring

BICO’s box spring beds are as individual as the people who sleep in them. In terms of the headboards typical for the box spring bed, as well as the boxes, fabrics and feet, various options can be selected and configured as desired. This gives every BICO box spring bed its own personal touch.


For lovers of classic design, the “Simplon” collection with its two different headboards offers soft surfaces that invite you to lean back. The headboards consist of a padded wooden core and were developed by the renowned Swiss industrial designer Björn Ischi.



For the “Susten” collection, which was also created by Björn Ischi, we use thermally fortified Swiss virgin sheep’s wool in the headpieces. This results in a unique design, while also being environmentally friendly. In addition, these exclusive natural materials support noise insulation and thus ensure “the ultimate in sound, healthy sleep”. The headboards are available in three different types of wood and three different designs.