Master Duvets

The noblest thing that can be found in a duvet. The Master duvets are made of the highest quality natural materials, unsurpassed even by high-tech materials. For your best sleeping comfort.

Master Pillow

Whether a soft shell thanks to goose down or a supportive core – thanks to various selectable fillings, the Master collection offers individualised pillows for healthy sleep.

Clima Duvets

Duvets incorporating technology for the regulation of temperature and humidity for a better, healthier sleep.

Clima Pillow

The Clima collection offers optimal air circulation with the patented climate zone system in the sensitive head area.

Vita Duvets

The Vita duvet combines high-tech materials with functional and exclusive body zone quilting. For optimal well-being.

Vita Pillow

The neck support cushions of the Vita collection offer the best ergonomics and can be individually adjusted to your comfort requirements. For a healthy sleeping position.