Reach out and touch the stars: the most extraordinary night of your life

To truly escape the everyday, you need to regularly leave your own four walls and seek a new nest, because sometimes that’s the only way to leave the daily grind behind. For example, have you ever imagined what it’s like to sleep outdoors under the stars or to try living the way Alpine herders did 100 years ago? You can experience that and much more in Switzerland. Let us introduce you to four special overnight stay destinations that offer you not only adventure but also relaxation and restorative sleep, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in unfamiliar settings or in amongst nature.

A little culture is always welcome

Iron ore was mined in Herznach (Aargau) until 1967. Even today, you can still experience the history of the mine: its circular concrete mining silo invites you to retreat for a few peaceful hours into this unique atmosphere and to savour the fantastic view across the landscape. On hot summer days, enjoy the benefits of a refreshing dip in the natural swimming pond, while the nearby walking routes offer an ideal change of scene for chums both big and small. A delicious breakfast awaits you in the morning to round off your stay.

Be gently roused by birdsong

When you were little, did you ever have a tree house where you could hide high up away from adult intruders? You can relive that feeling in the tree houses of Les Cabanes du Mont in Coeuve (Jura). High above the floor and directly underneath the canopy, take a break from the stress of everyday life, enjoy the peace and quiet, and spend a night with a different perspective.
You won’t have to do without life’s little luxuries either, as all tree houses are equipped to a contemporary standard, featuring a convenient, private bathroom and a terrace on which you can relax and enjoy some downtime as a couple or with your family. Breakfast is included.

Beneath a blanket of stars

For once in your life, you are allowed to stay in your own bubble without feeling bad about it: various locations across the canton of Thurgau see the bubble hotels open their doors between April and October. The ‘bubbles’ that surround you protect you from rain and sun, while giving you an unrestricted view of the starry night sky. In the morning, be awakened by the kiss of sun rays on your face, and then enjoy the spectacular view of the gardens, orchards and vineyards while breakfast is served directly to your bubble.

Pure Alpine romance

Leave your mobile at home and take a break from constantly being online. Why not try one of “Yeti’s romantic Alpine cabins” in the canton of Bern, for example? Those who would like an authentic experience of the intangible romance of the Alps should opt for a cabin equipped with the bare minimum – there is no electricity, and water is drawn directly from the spring.

Sometimes, you need a change of scenery or simply a little break from everyday life, but we don’t want to and should never forego a good night’s sleep. After all, that is what really prepares us for the next day’s adventures. BICO wishes you ä tüüfä gsundä Schlaaf [a good night’s sleep], whether in your bubble, in the silo, up in the tree, in the Alps or, of course, in your own comfy bed at home.