Fall asleep more easily with these sleep aids

Frau hört entspannende Musik und liegt im Bett

We require enough healthy sleep to be able to function physically and psychologically on a daily basis – and sleep gadgets and sleep aids can help us do this, because the technology industry does not sleep and instead continues to bring new sleep aids to the market. Here you will learn more about possible resources to prevent snoring and how you can drift off to the land of nod more easily using playlists and apps or weighted blankets.


Resources to prevent snoring

Unfortunately there is no universal formula to prevent snoring – however, some anti-snoring resources can provide an improvement: snoring masks open the airways using soft vibration impulses, mouth guards keep the throat open and snoring belts are designed to send electrical impulses in the supine position so that the snorer changes their sleeping position. For those that do not wish to wear a device on their face or body, a special pillow for example is available, which may help in the case of periodic snoring: if a microphone installed above the bed detects snoring noise, the pillow inflates. This stimulates the neck musculature, which enables natural breathing to be resumed without snoring noise. The pillow, which retails for around CHF 320, is mainly suitable for periodic snorers; however, it is not able to cure sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea.

Frau kann nicht schlafen, weil Mann schnarcht

Monotone noise & calming sounds to fall asleep to

Many infants become calm when they hear the hum of a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. This is because these sounds are monotonous and can drown out other noise. Sounds that calm babies and children will often also be found by adults to be relaxing: noises such as rain, wind, the sound of the sea or technically composed white noise can also be calming for us and help us to fall asleep. White noise is a frequency consisting of all perceptible audio layers – from 20 to 20,000 Hz. Anyone who hears white noise receives constant impulses to the ear, but it is not strained with particularly high or low frequencies. As a result, the brain can increasingly relax and relieve stress.

You can find music to help you fall asleep, sounds of nature or white noise in audio sleep aids, apps (such as White Noise Generator or Noisli) and specific Spotify and YouTube playlists.

Apps: Meditation for relaxation

For those who have difficulty relaxing in the evenings and suppressing their thoughts, meditation can sometimes help. Meditation apps such as 7Mind, Calm or Headspace may help you fall asleep, fall back to sleep or get up in the morning. These apps are different not only in content but also in design. Some have calming atmospheric pictures and sounds of nature in their layout, whilst others are rather more simple in design. Download the free version of various meditation apps first so that you can look at each programme and the design before finally deciding to shell out on one.

Frau sitzt auf Bett und meditiert mit Kopfhörer

Weighted blankets for more comfort

With no electronics, weighted blankets can offer a comforting feeling of safety. They are blankets filled with small beads that exert light and even pressure. The blankets, which should weigh around 10% of your body weight, can trigger the release of the happiness hormone serotonin, which, in turn, promotes the emission of the soporific hormone melatonin. Weighted blankets may also lead to a more peaceful night as they can restrict movement during the night. They ensure a feeling of comfort; however, they can also trigger a feeling of closeness, depending on your individual preferences. The blankets are not suitable for anyone with respiratory or heart problems.

Apps and sleep gadgets can certainly support you in falling asleep and improve sleep quality. Ultimately, however, their success always depends on individual prerequisites, such as physical prerequisites for example. Do not put yourself under pressure with sleep aids. Simply enjoy getting a little more peace and relaxation.