From Switzerland for Switzerland

BICO is a brand that is Swiss through and through. The company, which can look back upon a long history, has been producing innovative sleep solutions at its own site for almost 160 years. What is more, in order to fulfil its promise to create products that offer the highest levels of quality, BICO has been collaborating with partners from all over Switzerland for many decades now, very much in keeping with the motto: “From Switzerland for Switzerland”.

Swiss Alpine sheep – or why BICO insists on using wool from Swisswool

Why incinerate or dispose of tons of pure sheep’s wool from Switzerland’s Alpine sheep? Though this would be unthinkable today, it was the reality about ten years ago. Back then, interest in pure sheep’s wool from Switzerland was minimal – companies preferred importing favourably-priced wool from abroad. Swisswool took a different view, however, and today, the company is actively supporting Switzerland’s mountain farmers and their sheep. BICO knows all about the natural properties of wool, which are unmatched by synthetic products. That is the reason why since this initiative began, it has incorporated around 42 metric tons of Swiss wool in its mattress covers and box spring beds each year. Thousands of people in Switzerland therefore sleep on mattresses made primarily from a natural and sustainable material that is not only 100% biodegradable, but also regulates moisture and neutralises odours and harmful substances.

Textiles from Eastern Switzerland – or the values that bind BICO and Tisca together

The textile industry in Eastern Switzerland has formed an important chapter in the history of Switzerland’s product exports. For centuries, entire families earned their living from producing and trading in textiles. Today, only a small number of the country’s weaving mills still remain. One weaving mill that still exists to this day is Tisca, an independent, family-run company located in Switzerland’s Appenzellerland region. Just like BICO itself, Tisca’s brand is a hallmark for the quality and durability of its products. Whilst BICO continually checks and optimises the quality of its mattresses in its very own SleepLab, Tisca also carries out production checks in its own in-house laboratory. Quality before quantity – this is the reason why these two Swiss companies complement one another so well and is something that customers can truly feel – the high quality of Tisca’s fabrics is detectable to the touch and actually serves to enhance the durability of BICO’s products themselves.

A blessing in disguise – or how BICO succeeded in finding its new wood supplier

When BICO’s in-house wood department was destroyed in a fire, it was clear that Von Rickenbach had the capability to supply the solid-wood components that BICO required. Since this family-run company from the Muotathal valley proved able to meet BICO’s high standard in terms of sustainability, quality and care, the two companies began a cooperation that has withstood the test of time. Even today, this specialist wood supplier not only supplies solid wood for a most diverse range of elements, but also provides inspiration for yet more innovations. BICO places a high value on the quality of its products and always takes care to ensure that its wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests. That is the reason why Von Rickenbach, Switzerland’s most technologically advanced supplier of solid wood, supplies the components for BICO’s box spring beds, allowing BICO’s customers to sleep easy.

Foam from Wolfhausen – or why BICO uses cold-cure foam from Nauer

“Customer-oriented production” is a concept that the foam manufacturer Fritz Nauer AG doesn’t just pay lip-service to. Just like BICO itself, whenever it develops new products, Fritz Nauer AG always places its end-customers centre stage, which is why the two companies have been successfully working together for almost 60 years now. The mattress cores jointly developed by the two companies are also proof that both Nauer and BICO are singing from the same hymn sheet – in collaboration with BICO, the foam manufacturer produces mattress cores of the highest quality, which not only offer material durability that is around 40% greater than when conventional foam is used, but also require around half the quantity of raw materials. Nevertheless, BICO makes extensive use of foam, as the hi-tech material not only creates an optimum temperature balance, but also delivers outstanding performance in terms of hygiene and can be adjusted with millimetre-precision to ensure that users can lay down and achieve a posture that is truly ergonomic. The reason for this lies in the fact that foam varies according to the grade of foam that is used and the way that it is cut and put together, which means that foams can be developed to meet the particular needs that have been identified. Anyone who owns a BICO mattress is therefore sleeping on a bed made from cold-cure foam from Nauer and can therefore experience the comfort of a mattress that is not only highly capable of adapting to the individual shape of their body, but also provides optimum bed hygiene, combined with a high degree of support and durability.

Whether they come from the Muotathal valley, from Wolfhausen, from Eastern Switzerland or from the Swiss Alps, all of these manufacturers attach great importance to quality and have a shared passion to create first-class products. For customers, this means that nothing now stands in their way when it comes to achieving a “deep and healthy sleep”.