Research for your Best Sleep

There is no such thing as the best bed or the best mattress. But there’s a bed or a mattress that fits your individual needs perfectly. In order to produce such a mattress, all the factors must be right. For this reason, all bed systems are put through their paces at the globally unique “Good Night’s SleepLab” test centre in Schänis.

BICO Good Night Sleep Lab 1
BICO Good Night Sleep La

1. Bed climate

The ideal temperature and a dry climate are key factors for a restful sleep. They ensure absolute well-being. Therefore, breathability, fluid transport and temperature regulation are tested.

2. Hygiene

Optimum bed hygiene is an important factor for good health – especially for people suffering from allergies. To ensure the best hygiene, antibacterial agents are tested to combat bacteria, fungi, mites and odours.

3. Ergonomics

In order for your back to relax, the bed system must adapt perfectly to the body contour. For optimum comfort and relaxation, lying characteristics, body support and regeneration are tested.

4. Durability

A mattress should last at least ten years. By exposing all BICO mattresses to high pressure, humidity and temperature fluctuations, it ensures top results in terms of durability, reliability and safety. However, BICO not only requires objective test results, but also subjective perceptions. This is why sleep tests are regularly carried out with various test subjects who differ greatly in height, weight or body shape.

The Good Night’s SleepLab is unique in Europe. No other laboratory deals so intensively with the subject of “good sleep”. In particular, because it is the subjective perceptions of the people involved in the tests and not only naked product data that are evaluated here.

Facing the future together

BICO does not rely on its existing sleeping systems, but continues to work and research tirelessly,
in order to remain a pioneer in the field of the “future of sleep”.

Rocco Cristofaro, Head of Good Night’s Institute, outlines it clearly:

“Each bed system is tested for the four dimensions of bed climate, hygiene, ergonomics and durability. On the basis of the results and the knowledge gained from them, we can develop new and even better products. This process is called reverse engineering.”

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