Fragrance Compositions with
a Sensual Effect

The human olfactory sensory system is closely linked to emotions and often unconsciously influences our mood. From this knowledge the idea was born to create a sensual room fragrance line for “BICO Selection”.

BICO Magazin Kukui

The bedroom as oasis of well-being

BICO’s mission has always been to celebrate the personal lifestyle in and around the bedroom and to simultaneously create a comfortable haven of well-being. The aim was to achieve this by focusing more on sensory perception. This also includes addressing the sense of smell with the appropriate fragrance, which should reflect naturalness, freshness, clean air and thus also Swissness.

Masterly play with a fragrance organ

At kukui, Anna Portmann has a fragrance organ with over 1000 different raw materials at her disposal. Anna Portmann and the perfumers
with their extremely fine and trained noses choose various fragrances
from which they compose the perfect scent. This
process can take several
months. “When we presented the finished BICO fragrance, they were thrilled,” recalls Portmann. But it wasn’t just one scent, BICO
decided on three fragrances in the course of the presentation, “each for a different claim,” says Olivier Portmann.

Three exclusive fragrances for every mood

“A fragrance always consists of a top note, a core note and a base note,” explains Anna Portmann. “The base note is perceptible the longest, while the core noteand especially the top note will dissipate faster.” Based on the desire to create three nature-based fragrance lines, the “Chalet”, “Alpin” and “Lago” trio of fragrances were created for “BICO Selection”.

With this exclusive room fragrance line, with the three independent fragrances creating a homogeneous fragrance family, BICO sets a decisive emotional accent. “Anyone who smells any of these three scents will find something for themselves. Something that awakens the emotions and conjures beautiful feelings,” says Anna Portmann with a winning smile.

BICO Selection Duftkerze Chalet 1440x1080

“Chalet” radiates comfort, warmth and well-being.


BICO Selection Duftkerze Lago 1440x1080

“Lago” diffuses morning freshness and energy after a restful night.


BICO Selection Duftkerze Alpin1440x1080

“Alpin” radiates pure mountain air, the cool clarity of mountains and forests.