Solid Wood as a Fundamental Element

How life plays out like that! From a stroke of fate, unique bed systems emerged in which people sleep happily.

BICO Magazin Moebelfabrik 3

At the end of the 1980s, Paul von Rickenbach went on an acquisition tour and enquired at BICO about wood crafting. Unfortunately in vain, since it was all done on-site. Soon after, the BICO wood department was destroyed by a fire and the contact made was remembered. This was the beginning of a business relationship that continues to be characterized by mutual esteem and inspiration. Everything for the best sleep.

With combined know-how for better sleep

Muotathal furniture factory has been supplying solid wood components to BICO for decades. BICO’s new box spring beds also feature quality wood from the Muotathal furniture factory. The family business manufactures the supporting elements for the box spring bed. The wood specialists are already involved in the production of the first prototypes. “I am fascinated by how well thought-out BICO
has approached the ‘Box spring bed’ project, consistently relying on Swiss materials, flawless workmanship, quality and sustainability,” remarks owner Thomas von Rickenbach. The characteristic Swiss
solid wood base gives the box spring bed its down-to-earth
stability. The headboards, which are also prefabricated in the Muotathal furniture factory and individually covered with virgin sheep’s wool, make the BICO innovation a guaranteed eye-catcher.

Economic thinking promotes market acceptance

Right from the start, the box spring bed was meant to be a Swiss product with Swiss design made of Swiss materials. A product with which discerning consumers can fully identify, not least because of the choice of local woods. Von Rickenbach understands the term “sustainability” not only as a principle of action for the use of resources, but also as an obligation to economic efficiency.

“BICO’s box spring bed is an absolute world-class product.”