BICO's box spring beds are as individual as the people who sleep in them. In terms of the headboards typical for the box spring bed, as well as the boxes, fabrics and feet, various options can be selected and configured as desired. This gives every BICO box spring bed its own personal touch.

 Custom composition

You decide which components you want to use to compose your individual BICO box spring bed, choosing from various headboards, boxes, fabrics, feet, mattresses and toppers, tailored to your personal needs. An overview of the individual components can be found below.
Choose from 34 premium fabrics for your BICO box spring bed. The fabrics are divided into three price categories based on their composition, and are used for the headboard, the box and the mattress. The prices of the components also vary depending on the material you choose.


The high-quality headboard is not only an attractive eye-catcher, but also a practical backrest for extended reading hours.


The textiles emphasise the high quality appearance of the BICO box spring beds. The high wool content regulates heat and humidity in a natural way.


BICO boxes are the product of the latest sleep research. The patented Wings technology brings a completely new quality to sleep.


The feet provide a stable base for the BICO box spring bed. Both the massive solid wood feet and their metal parts round off the bed system.

Box spring mattresses

The entire BICO mattress collection is available to ensure you find the perfect sleeping system. The classic box spring design offers two more models developed for use with the box spring topper.

Box spring topper

The toppers were specially designed for the box spring mattresses. A new feature of the toppers is the one-sided welting closure, which ensures an optimal
fit for the respective mattress.

Bico Katalog 2018 Umschlag DE

The BICO catalogue

All you need to know about deep, healthy sleep is also available in printed form: Order your copy of the current BICO catalogue here and enjoy free home delivery.

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