Sleeping in the heat: tips for

restful summer nights

Sommerhitze und ihre Auswirkungen auf den Schlaf

Summer is here. Temperatures are increasing during the day, and the nights are also becoming warmer. In summer, the optimum sleeping temperature of 16-18° is difficult to achieve. Those who tend to sweat quickly, and/or a lot, particularly suffer in these conditions. To ensure you can get a restful night’s sleep in spite of the heat, here are some valuable, mutually complementary tips for a pleasant sleep environment and better quality of sleep.

Do you sweat during the night? These tips will help you to sleep better in the heat

Summer heat can greatly affect our body temperature, which can have a negative impact on our sleep quality. Therefore, in summer it is particularly important to take precautions to create a cool sleep environment.

How our body temperature affects sleep

It is scientifically proven that our sleep-wake cycle is connected to our core body temperature, which begins to fall from early evening, in order to help us drop off to sleep, and reaches its lowest point in the middle of the night (between 3 and 4am). While during the day our inner body clock regulates our body temperature by sweating or shivering, our ability to do that during the night is very limited. Hot summer nights or even an overly warm sleep environment generally keep the body active for longer and make it hard to fall asleep. Attempts to regulate our body temperature during sleep, for example by pushing the blanket off and tossing and turning in bed, also require the body to become active. This means that the quality of our sleep, in terms of the depth of sleep, naturally suffers.

1. Keep your bedroom cool

It is recommended to air your bedroom in the mornings, when the outdoor temperature is still low, so that your sleep environment is pleasantly cool in the evenings. During the day, you should keep the windows closed, so that warm air does not get into the bedroom. Keep the shades down in your bedroom in the daytime, so that the sun cannot heat the room, and at night, so that you are not awakened by the sunrise. You can install a fly screen on the window or a mosquito net over the bed to prevent mosquitoes from interrupting your sleep.


So schlafen Sie trotz Hitze besser

2. Ensure you have a well-ventilated bed system

An optimal bed system can help you to sleep better in the heat.
A bed system consists of several components, which ideally complement one another: part of the system is constituted by the bed frame and base, which provide the basis for good ventilation under the bed surface. The bed system also consists of the mattress, duvet, pillows, bed linen and pyjamas. All of these components constitute the immediate sleep environment and should accordingly work particularly well together and provide for optimal ventilation.

Mattresses with a summer and winter side

Some mattresses have a summer and a winter side. Cooling, heat-dissipating materials are incorporated into the mattress cover on the summer side, such as hollow fibres, climate fibres or silk. They are breathable, regulate temperature and are very good at absorbing moisture. They are therefore optimally suited to hot nights. By contrast, the winter side of the mattress uses warming and heat-retaining materials, such as sheep’s wool or camel hair.

Climate-regulating bed system

A climate-regulating mattress is a particularly good choice for anyone who wants a bed system with ideal ventilation. In contrast to mattresses with summer and winter sides, the layers of which are characterised by cooling or warming materials, climate-regulating mattresses comprehensively ensure an optimal bed climate.

The BICO climate mattresses, with a three-dimensional ventilation system, metal-free plastic spring technology and breathable comfort foams, create a perfect bed climate and balanced positioning of the body. The Swiss wool layer of the BICO climate mattress also regulates temperature. The BICO Clima mattress is complemented by the patented climate zone systems of the Clima duvets and pillows.

The Clima Duvets ensure an optimal, comfortable sleep temperature. The Clima Duvets also absorb the moisture from sweating and transport it away through membranes – very thin and breathable parts of the duvet – to the ambient air. This guarantees an optimal moisture balance. The degree of heat provided by the duvet is determined by the filling quantity as well as the filling material: in summer, a duvet with somewhat less filling provides for a pleasantly cool environment.

Thanks to the patented climate zone systems, the Clima pillows provide for optimal ventilation in the head area, as that is the area of the body from which we sweat the most.

Ideally, in the summer you should use covers which are light and breathable, made of linen, silk or light cotton, for example. Those who find even a “summer duvet” too warm can just use linen sheets. These have a cooling effect, are breathable and thus let you sleep well in the heat.

Breathable pyjamas

Night clothes are also part of an optimal bed system. In summer, opt for pyjamas made of breathable, light and cooling materials, such as linen and silk. Avoid pyjamas made of synthetic materials, as most artificial fibres tend to increase sweating. It is recommended to wear pyjamas even in warmer weather, as they absorb sweat which would otherwise end up on the bed covers and sheets. Another tip for sleeping better in the heat: before going to bed, put your pyjamas in the freezer for a short while. The cold material will help your body temperature decrease more rapidly, which will help you fall asleep more easily. The cooling effect is of limited duration, however.

3. Cool your body down

To sleep well despite the summer heat, it is recommended that you take a lukewarm shower or foot bath. The water will gently lower your body temperature. A cold shower would have a negative effect on falling asleep, because cold activates the body and lowers readiness for sleep. Instead of a shower or a foot bath, you could also use damp cloths to refresh yourself and cool down. Place a cool cloth on your forehead, hands or feet and enjoy cooling down.

Tipps von BICO für besseres Schlafen bei Sommerhitze

4. Be careful with fans and draughts

Many people who sweat a lot during sleep like to use a fan in summer to cool themselves down. But be careful: fans can dry out your mucous membranes. In addition, the draught created by the device can lead you to sleep less deeply and cause unpleasant muscle strains – just like the draught from an open window.

Sleep better in the heat – in conclusion

In summer, it is often more difficult to fall asleep. This is due to the fact that the body is preoccupied with trying to keep its temperature down and is therefore active and less ready for sleep. Use all of these tips to get a good night’s sleep in the heat and enjoy the summer – including the summer nights!